Tours & Accomodation

Tour of the Vineyard

While absorbing the beautiful landscapes that Paradiso di Cacuci vineyard has to offer our colleagues will explain to you all about Montalcino Terroir, Sangiovese grapes, how we grow it and why the wine is so good. In the meantime, you can take amazing photos of the vineyard and yourself. BTW it’s almost impossible to take bad pictures no matter how bad you think you are at photography.

Tour of the cellar

Now you get to see, smell and taste pure History. This is the place where the founder of the winery Fastelli was developing wines that pushed him to gather with four other fellow winemakers and friends and create the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium that is now one of the most powerful and respected winemaking organizations in the World.

You will get to learn about winemaking of Brunello and Rosso and than get to taste wines that are still developing and maturing so you will get a better understanding of the process.

The aging of our Brunello is closely supervised by our winemaker in order for it to reach perfection while being aged exclusively in 50 hl Slavonian Garbelotto Oak Barrels for up to 36 months.

The tasting room

Built in the `60s and recently renovated in the same Tuscan architecture, offers an outstanding cosiness that we were unable to find the words to describe the feeling of actually being there along with great wine, delicious food and great stories.

The wines

Most of our energy goes to making amazing wine so obviously you will be served amazing wines that you can even buy for you to have at home or for a loved one. We also offer hand crafted and painted wooden boxes so your gift will gain even more authenticity.
Visiting us at the cellar is the only way you can still taste vintages of our wine that you will be unable to find anywhere else which makes this experience unique and unforgettable.
All wines will be perfectly paired with delicious Tuscan food.

The food

Meet our chef Marta, born and raised in Montalcino, her cooking will blow your mind. Just one of those things that you will brag about so much that you’ll make your friends jealous.
She uses only local ingredients, family recipes inherited from generation to generation along with her incredible talent and love for cooking results in dishes that will only make you ask for more. All of her dishes pair amazingly with our wines which makes the whole experience even greater.


Paradiso di Cacuci estate offers the possibility to accommodate up to 8 people in our private rooms right in the property located in the vineyard, suitable for premium private experience where you will have your own privacy for you and your loved ones, including your personal chef. The property includes 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, one kitchen and one living room.
The Hotel Albergo Giardino which is also own by our property, located in the hearth of Montalcino offers 9 beautiful rooms of different sizes, double or single, all in Tuscan architecture, with a generous breakfast, in a walking distance of all attractions in Montalcino.

Safari in the vineyard

A guided tour on-board our vineyards’ JEEP.

Bike tours

Tuscany is famous for its amazing landscapes and you can’t get a better taste of it than biking through the vineyard with a local guide that will take you places you would never get to otherwise.

Horseback riding

An extended tour that consists of horseback riding experience and wine tasting paired with lunch.
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