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Montalcino is a breath-taking hilltop town in the province of Siena west of Pienza, immersed in the Val d’Orcia natural park, renowned worldwide for the production of red wine Brunello di Montalcino. The hill on which the city is situated has been established since the Etruscan era, dominated by productive vineyards and olive groves.
Once you get to the city you can see the sunny hills with yellow and red flowers, ancient oak trees, olive groves and scenic country roads flowing through perfect vineyards. The city has become incredibly rich and famous for its Brunello di Montalcino wine, one of the best and most popular Italian wines in the world.

Montalcino was already known for its fine red wines in the 15th century, however, the precious formula of the fantastic Brunello was invented in 1888 by Ferruccio Biondi Santi, who first had the idea of giving up the grapes used in the traditional recipe Chianti, such as Canaiolo and Colorino, and creating a sangiovese clone perfectly adaptable to microclimate, with features that give this wine unique qualities.

Montalcino is not just wine, it is also rich in artistic treasures. The historic centre is dominated by the mighty and imposing “Fortezza”, built in 1361 to mark the Montalcino crossing under the domination of Siena. Its streets are spectacular, stretching towards Monte Amiata, along Crete to Siena, in all Valdorcia and the Maremma hills.

The Paradiso di Montalcino property, was taken-over and modernized in 2018 by Dr. Ovidiu-Gogu Cacuci’s family and is located in the northwest of the city, about 370 m above sea level. The Cacuci family bought the “Paradiso di Mauro Fastelli” farm dating from the 70’s, Mauro Fastelli being one of the first consortium members with a strong liberty personality, being very fond of local traditions.

The property comprises 5 ha of vineyards specializing in the production of Brunello di Montalcino, 3,5 ha of vineyards for the production of Rosso di Montalcino DOC and another 4,5 ha for the production of other IGT wines.

The Cacuci family farm has all the connotations and tradition of Tuscan viticulture, creating all the conditions for the development of quality agriculture and the production of wonderful wines. Paradiso di Cacuci exclusively uses vintage large barrels of 3000-6000 Lt from Slavonian oak, which is the traditional method used from the beginning. The result is a deep, muscular and austere wine with beautiful curves and well-integrated flavours.

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Amazing Taste
Wine with a harmoniously elegant body having aromas of aromatic wood, berries, light vanilla and jam
Estate Wines
One of the best and most appreciated Italian wines with a unique, precious formula.
Produced with 100% Sangiovese, being one of the most important grape varieties in Italy since ancient times.

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Paradiso locality 323, 53024 Montalcino(SI)
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